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Gardening with the RHS

Permaculture special

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A note on wild plants mentioned: for Solomon's seal (Polygonatum multiflorum) it is the young shoots which are eaten cooked; and for certain species of Aquilegia it is the flowers. Be aware that just because one part of a plant is edible it doesn't mean the rest will be. Never eat a wild plant unless you are 100% sure of its edibility and identity.


Jo Harold
by Jo Harold on
Brilliant! Thankyou so much for promoting permaculture in gardening. To me Permaculture Design and Systems make so much sense in growing plants, growing social structures and in building resilient businesses. It enables us to care for the earth and people whilst being fair, supporting diversity, taking into account future generations, mimicking & caring for nature in a resilient way . 🙏🏻😀
by Jacky on
Absolutely brilliant podcast on permaculture, thank you. Informative, interesting and easily understandable. These principles are the way forward for our planet I believe.
by Andy on
A lovely podcast - very inspiring and hopefully an encouragement to lots of people to find out more and create a permaculture garden. Check out the Permaculture Association if you need any information or further advise or links.

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